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The full GWO Basic Safety Training course is the global standard for safety qualifications in the Wind Energy sector. Technicians traditionally take the four. Gain a basic understanding of common safety hazards in general industries and the OSHA standards you need to follow. Start your training now! STCW training courses in Antibes, France - STCW Basic Safety Training Week (Package) on STCW Direct.

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This is our 5 day/40 hour Basic SafetyTraining course. This course combines all 4 elements of Basic Safety Training, and includes practical demonstrations. Basic safety training and familiarization are provided in the areas of personal survival techniques, fire prevention and firefighting, first aid /CPR. What makes STCW 95 so important? Work on the high seas is exciting and rewarding, but the benefits do not come without risk. STCW 95, also known as Basic.

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See overview of GWO Basic Safety Training available from GWA: E.g. GWO Refresher Basic Safety Training - Onshore, GWO Refresher BST Sea Survival. About This Service. Basic Safety Training is a five-day course designed to provide a firm technical background in safety. Some of the topics covered include. SN, Name of Course, Duration. (Hrs). Revalidation / Refresher. 1, Basic Safety Training Course Package (BSTC), 60 Hrs, 30 Hrs.