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A root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp or root of a tooth becomes infected and begins to cause lots of pain. A root canal can cost anywhere. Your geographic location also plays a role in root canal treatment costs. Certain markets have higher dental care-related prices than others. Root canal treatments cost between $ and $ Please refer to our Fees and Payments, Subsidies and Schemes pages for more information.

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Expected cost for Root Canal at our Mississauga Dental Office Root canals run between $ and $ and it depends on what work has to be done, local pain. Our London root canal prices ; Incisor & Canine teeth, £1, - £1, ; Premolar tooth, £1, - £1, ; Molar tooth, £1, - £1, How much does a root canal treatment cost? · Root Canal – Front Tooth (approximately $ - $1, Out-of-Network) · Root Canal – Premolar (approximately $ $$.

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The cost varies depending on the severity of the problem, extent of damage and the experience of the dentist. Cost of root canal treatment in India (not. The price for a teeth root canal treatment ranges between $$ in countries like India, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, etc. Cost comparison for Root Canal. The final cost varies depending on how complex the tooth problem is and which tooth is affected. The average cost for a front tooth root canal is about $