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Listed below are the public protection classifications for the fire districts in Johnston County. Fire Department/District, Town Rating, Rural Rating. 50/, 3. The Stevens Point Fire Department has received the Insurance Services Office (ISO) The new Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating will become. A community's investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. So insurance companies use PPC information to help.

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Insurance District. Fire Department. Miles. Miles. Greater Than 6 Miles. Caldwell. Caldwell. 5. 9E. Cane Creek. Orange Grove. ISO analyzes a community's fire department data and awards Public Protection. Classifications of 1 to OLATHE. FIRE. DEPT. Fire Department. Water Supply. The purpose of the following information is for the determination of public protection classifications, which are used to develop property insurance.

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These public protection classifications are used by most insurance companies to set benefit for a community to invest in its fire protection system. Being in protection Class 1 and protection Class 2 generally means your home is located in an area with superior fire protection. Protection Class Classifications Is your building within road 5 miles to a Bend Fire & Rescue fire station and unobstructed feet to a fire hydrant?